Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Hey fam and friends here are some more pics of you know who. Things are well here in Idaho, and they will be even better in about two weeks when we move into our home! Hallelujah!

this pic is for you Stu-dog! jeff thinks he is as cool as you pops.

I think he might love his dada!!

Yes you are seeing clearly, my child is wearing sweats with a hoodie in june. I live in Idaho remember?

Dylan's first hair cut! His hair really wasn't to long but he was definitely reaching mullet status.

This is at the neighborhood water park. There are usually a ton of kids running around this cement pad with water spouts spraying in all sorts of ways. Dylan thinks he is one of the big kids. I love these pics b/c you can totally see his curly hair, even his little mohawk curls - especially when it is wet.

Dylan loves to give kisses, we are still working on the whole closed mouth- no tongue thing :)!