Monday, October 12, 2009

A Sad Day

Dylan walked into my bathroom while I was getting ready, "Mom, I need to cut my hair." I was busy doing my own hair, "No, your hair is cute, you don't need a hair cut."

"No, mom, I ALREADY cut my hair!" My heart dropped. I turned around to see that Dylan was right, he had already cut his hair. It was bad.

I found this by my fabric scissors:

Nana did the best she could, but now my little boy looks like this:

He bawled and held his face the whole time Nana cut his hair - he was devastated!! "My hair!, it's too little!"
You can probably see it still needs to be touched up - Nana couldn't hardly stand to cut any of it while he was crying. He keeps telling me not to say it's cute - "It's too little, it's not cute."