Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Something other than Politics

I'm getting tired of seeing SNL and Cambell every time I pull up my blog! Anyone else? Two weekends ago we traveled to good old Pokie (Pocatello for non-Idahoans) for the Irish family reunion/grandparents B-day party. Dylan discovered 19 other cousins he never knew existed along with more great-grandparents, uncles, and aunts. It was a lot of fun and I was glad that Dylan finally got to spend some time with Jeff's Dad's side of the family. Even though he won't be able to ever know or be spoiled by his Grandpa Irish in this life, at least there is plenty of family around to remind him about his grandpa and how much he would have (and does) love him.

Not much else has been happening around here. I have my 29 wk appointment tomorrow, that means the glucose testing so cross your fingers for me! The sad part is I kind of like the drink so I'm more dreading the scale than anything else. Month six was the big weight gain last time (OK, so was month 5 & 7 :)) but I have been trying to "eat sensibly" this pregnancy, just liked my previous AZ doc told me to do after two 10 pound months. I have just had an insatiable appetite and I know I'm going to regret those extra pounds after delivery. My pregnancy jeans are even getting tight and I couldn't even keep them up two months ago :(. Oh well, too late now. I've officially been scheduled for a repeat c-section on Dec. 23, so less than ten weeks left! I know, I'll be spending Christmas in the hospital unless I go into labor before then. It's the earliest they'll schedule me and I don't want to risk a possible Christmas day b-day. My poor baby! Thats what happens when you don't think ahead.

Here's a cute picture I stole from Jeff's cousin (thanks Mallory!). Dylan at the reunion: