Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Family Photos!!

I have been so excited to get some new family pics taken and they have finally arrived! Our photographer, Nena, did an amazing job. Here are some (o.k. - a lot!) of my favorites:

(this kid literally tried to back up into the water the entire time we shot around it - he's crazy!!

(Stay tuned for pictures of Dylan's 4th birthday party! It was so much fun!)

Friday, July 2, 2010

"Big Dog"

Easter? What?! Seriously, my last post was Easter? My poor, abandoned family blog. Good thing I have renewed my commitment to document our lives on this blog once more :).

So far this summer has been great! And in more than just a "Seriously So Blessed" way. I've had a reality check these past few months and have re-prioritized my life. Blah blah blah, gag - I know that's what your thinking, but really it's been great. My kids and family are number one - I always knew that, I just know it more now. I've made much more time for my kids and even me! I have been having lots of fun playing outside with my kids and making new mom friends :).

Anyway, on to the good stuff! Dylan had a big day Wednesday! He decided it was time for his Dad to take the training wheels off his bike. After hearing that his friend Cam had learned to ride without training wheels, he was convinced he could do as well. So Jeff took them off, and he took off! I've never seen Dylan so proud of himself. All day yesterday, he kept calling himself a "Big Dog" and asking if he could go play with his friends (so he could tell them the news of course).

Here he is, the Big Dog himself: