Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy Easter!

Here are some pictures form Easter. My mom wanted some pics in front of the flowers in case your wondering why we are outside - it was cold as you can probably tell. There still isn't any other growth going on in the flower bed. I know I look gaywad in this pic- whatever.

This is actually form Jeff's uncle's wedding. ITtwas on St. Patricks Day, fitting for the last name Irish, and those are little plastic clovers on Dylans face

Monday, March 17, 2008

My Husband Jeff

I've been husband tagged-

So I usually don't do tags (b/c I'm lazy) but since most of the blog has been about Dylan I thought it might be fun to tell y'all about my hubby Jeff. By the way - Happy St. Patricks Day everyone, after all, it is our family holiday. Go Irish!

What is his name? Jeffrey Rex Irish

How long did you date? Not very long at all. I was actually kind of in and out of another relationship and we were really good friends for a few months then only really seriously dated for 4 or so months before we got engaged. Yikes! That sounds scary when I actually write it down, we must be Mormon.

Who eats more sweets? Definitely me!! I love love love sweets. Any kind, any where, I'll eat it. Jeff is addicted to salt. I don't use the word addicted lightly either, he uses the pour side of the shaker instead of the holey side. That's just Jeff's personality though, once he decides he likes something he goes full force with it.

Who is taller? Jeff, he's 6' and I'm almost 5'6.

Who is the better singer? Neither! We both are really really awful. Jeff might say he is only b/c I sometimes catch him trying to sing "pretty," you know, with the hand covering the ear so you can here yourself better. :) just kidding honey!

Who does the laundry?This is kind of a funny question b/c just last night I was picking up the house and Jeff was helping me fold laundry. He kindly informed me of how much he helps out around the house (which he actually does) and with the laundry (which he doesn't). So I asked him if he knew what kind of laundry detergent we use. He looked a little caught off guard and said ALL. Wrong, we use TIDE. Easy mistake though, so I asked him liquid or powder? He said powder, wrong again! We have used liquid for forever! He got the point and promptly thanked me for being such a good wife, he can be so sweet.

Who pays the bills? Jeff pays most all the bills. Might as well put his accounting degree to work since he doesn't work as an accountant anymore. I will say that money budgeting is something that Jeff is very good at. My idea of budgeting use to be buying a pair of Citizens jeans of eBay instead of a department store, then eating green beans and frozen burritos the rest of the month just so I'd have enough to buy that pair of designer shoes (off eBay of course). Priorities have definitely changed thanks to my smart husband!

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Jeff

Who mows the lawn? Jeff loves to mow the yard, something he got from his Dad.

Who cooks dinner? Me, Jeff does make a great breakfast though.

Who drives? Mostly Jeff, sometimes me. Driving isn't really a talent of Jeff's though he'd probably say the same about me. He has a permanent speed of 30 mph. It doesn't matter where he's driving or if he's turning (very scary), he might as well put cruise control on.

Who is more stubborn? We both are, that's why we work as a couple though. He doesn't let me get away with anything and vice verse. He does almost always apologize first though. I love you for that sweet husband!

Who kissed who first? That question is very controversial in this house. He would only kiss me on the cheek and was taking forever to kiss me so, I leaned in to kiss him as close to the lips without actually touching them and he moved (on purpose) and so we kissed. It was about time, but he will tell everyone I put the moves on him.

Who asked who out? Jeff asked me.

Who proposed? Jeff proposed. He surprised me and had dressed up like a knight in white tights and everything. His roommates even pushed him into the room where I was on a "horse" that was previously their entertainment center.

Who is more sensitive? Me, I can be emotional at times :). Surprise anyone?

Who has more siblings? Technically Jeff, he has 8 but 6 are step-siblings, I have 5.

Who wears the pants? Both of us.

That actually was fun! I love my sweet sweet husband very much! He is a perfect match for me, a great dad and still makes me giggle every day, I can't ask for more than that!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"No" is Dylan's favorite new word. He can say it in many different ways and tones and and loves to say it all day long no matter to who or what. Mom, friends, toys, complete strangers minding their own business at the grocery store, he doesn't discriminate who he tells no. I guess I can't really complain too much, after all, we know who he learned that word from (there goes mother of the year). I guess it is a step up from "mine" though, a word which Jeff proudly takes full credit for. Why you would teach your child to say mine and then giggle every time he says it is beyond me. I've learned to pick my battles. Anyway, on a brighter note, literally, my little buds of sunshine have finally bloomed!! I love it! I have to give full credit to my mom for these little buds of joy! She is the plant/flower pro and having lived in Pocatello for a few years herself, knew how much these tiny cute flowers would mean to me after a long Idaho winter. Dylan has even been able to play outside this past week and has discovered how to blow bubbles all by himself. It's a work in progress and every now and then I'll catch him licking the bubble wand instead of blowing :) gross!

Introducing Brandon

This post is dedicated to Brandon, Dylan's, um, godfather? I'm not really sure what to call him seeing as I'm not catholic and Brandon as of late, has not been fulfilling any of his godfather-type duties. Poor Dylan has only seen him twice -ever- and hasn't seen a dime in godfather child support. Brandon was good friend of Jeff and I during college and so, even though Brandon "didn't really like kids" we decided we might be able to change his mind, and named him Dylan's back-up dad. A couple weekends ago Brandon came to visit and really brought his A-game. Since Jeff is kind of a work-oholic, Brandon took Dylan and I to the zoo for the afternoon. I just have to say we looked like a pretty cute family. A Dylan - Brandon connection was definitely made b/c that evening Dylan laid next to his back-up dad on the floor with his blanket and binky ready for a good cuddle session, so sweet! So, I would just like to end this ode to Brando by letting all those girls out there trying make Brandon the father of their children (and there are many due to his amazing womanizing skills - seriously though), I have full faith that Brandon will be a great dad to all their babies.
Dylan misses you already and sends his love! Come back soon!