Tuesday, March 10, 2009

For my Husby

Jeff is always asking me why I don't love him enough to post one of those "I love my husband because he is so perfect and so is our marriage" kind of things (no offense to anyone who does - Jeff wishes you were his wife :)). Even though this post isn't exactly that, it is just for him.

The boys and I have been having some fun in the nice warm sunshine of Arizona. A much needed escape to a place not so freakin' cold and cloudy. I love the waking up to the sun shining! It makes me happy inside. The only thing missing is daddy.

I know you miss your babies so here you go honey, some love from Arizona. I hope you feel better today! Love you!

At the PHX zoo

Yep, I'm riding camel. Not so fun for me but Dylan loved it.

Baby Ty and I aren't looking so hot in this one but you take what you can get.

Papa's swimming lessons, love it!!

This would be Dylan getting dominated by Addi on the trampoline. Any one surprised? :)

"Where's Nawnaw?" His new favorite phrase.

Jackson's B-Day
My sweet baby who is getting so chubby because nurses every hour on the hour.