Monday, January 14, 2008

I just have to say that I love my baby more than anything but I think that the part of him his dad contributed is finally starting to reveal itself. (Everyone knows that the mother only contributes good and beneficial traits and male is responsible for the rest.) Let's just say we might be entering the terrible (and terrific of course) two's a few months early. Dylan recently helped mama decorate the house walls with his creative artwork. Did I mention he prefers using black and impossibly permanent ink and will only draw directly on canvas (aka the actual wall), not the multiple color books or with the washable crayons purchased for him. He also has become such a helper in the kitchen. He is great with the cheese grater - the walnut hardwood floors require a little more effort to grind than cheese but don't worry - Dylan is strong enough to grind them right down. The can opener is also a great tool to add character to the floors - almost as good as a hammer which he always seems to find (Jeff only has a million of them). He is great with other tools as well, screw drivers are his favorite thing to poke - I mean stab - mom with when she isn't watching. I don't even want to think about the many utensils, kitchen accessories, sippy cups, etc.. lost due to Dylan's infatuation with the trash can. I can't help but love that little guy though, he is just too cute -even when he is gouging our leather couches with car keys. How can you deny love to that cute face? Here are some classic sweet and innocent pics.

Just catching up on some reading mom.

This is definitely an uh oh , I think I might be in trouble look.

How could you stay mad at something this sweet?

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy New Year everyone! We are back home from our holiday vacation to Arizona where Dylan had the time of his life playing with his cousin Addie, Nana, and Papa. It was great to be able to spend some time with my side of the family. I think Addie (she is almost 3) taught Dylan a few things while we were there. Not only does he think he can talk now but he also thinks he can do whatever he wants (things he knows he is not suppose to do) and then give mama a hug and kiss to make up for it. OK, so most of the time it works. I can't help but give in when gives me all that love - I used to have to force kisses out of him. He tries to say everything now and if there is nothing to say then he just makes up noises. It's very cute. Enough bragging I guess, here are some pics :).

Here is one of Christmas card pictures ( don't know why it looks fuzzy):

Wedding Pictures!

I realize that I never posted any pics of Traci's wedding. I don't have very many but here are a few. All the kids loved dancing on the floor at the reception - you can see that in these pictures.

Dylan is so breaking it down in this one - he LOVES to dance!

Yes, this is Todd's new girl! She has to be the perfect match for Todd! Look at that hair - all natural! Maybe a wedding? :)

Jeff thinks he is way cooler than he really is :)