Friday, August 6, 2010

My "big dog" is 4!

Today is officially Dylan's birthday! 4 years ago today was when it all started - nothing, NOTHING changes you life like a new baby. I can't believe it I've been a mom for 4 years!

I decided we needed to celebrate with a Disney Cars "friends only" party. I'm not really sure what was going through my mind, but I may have gotten a little carried away with this one - I think the total count of kids was somewhere around 20 - pure craziness!. With the help of a couple of my good friends (shout out Shelley and Season :) ) we seemed to get through the 2, yes 2, hours. As crazy as it was, Dylan had the best day of his life with all of his little friends running around and racing in box cars. Thanks to every one who came!! We had so much fun!!

Happy birthday my sweet boy!

Some of the cars (made from used cardboard boxes):
I had lots of ideas for this party, but unfortunately the making of the cards took over my life and the rest of the party got thrown together the night before (I mean the ENTIRE night ... and morning). The drink station was V8's cafe and the doughnuts are suppose to be Luigi's leaning tower of tires, but as you can see - the tower didn't last very long :).

Here is my little Toe-Mater! Really though, they look alike!

And this picture below pretty much sums it all up :)