Thursday, January 22, 2009

Update on Baby Ty

Has it been 4 weeks already? I can't beleive that Ty is almost a month old. So far so good - Dylan has adjusted better than I could have ever expected. Besides shoving baby's binki in his mouth, the ocasional head "rub", and trying to play catch with "brother", Dylan mostly ignores Tyler. That's good news for everyone. As far as Tyler goes, he is so NOT a Dylan baby. He's already starting to chunk up and little baby rolls on his thighs! This has to surprise anyone who has known Dylan. He keeps me up all night with his grunting and constant need to nurse every hour. Did I mention that Dylan doesn't seem to want to nap everyday anymore? Perfect timing Dylan. Anyway, life has been a little crazy at the Irish house but well worth it. Here are some pictures:

Ty in the hospital: (they put all the christmas babies in these cute stockings) 

This is actually after Ty's baby blessing at 3 weeks. My mom was in town and put together the whole thing, thanks momma! Ty's 1st bath after his umbilical cord fell off:

Here is Dylan and Ty in the christmas jammies I sewed before Ty was born. Don't look too close, I'm new at this sewing thing.