Wednesday, April 16, 2008

That's My Cousin!!!

This post might be super cheesy but I am so proud of Ali She actually did it! I am so excited for her! I am so so so proud that my cousin (Bette-Sue -the mom in the pic- is my dad's sister) made it to the finals and beat out all those super obese guys to be the first female biggest loser! She looked gorgeous. She looked like the Ali I remember seeing when we would visit growing up. Ali totally showed off how competitive Driggs girls can be -for better or worse. She was always athletic growing up and I think that gave her an advantage. YAY! I am so excited!! Way to go Ali! I am so proud of you along side the rest of the fam, you really are amazing!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Little Sweatheart Boy

I have decided it's time to purchase a treadmill. As much as I love going to the gym and love the kids club, it turns out that the kids club doesn't really love Dylan. How could anyone not love Dylan you ask? He is so cute right? Maybe it's because he loves to play catch with other children -when they're not looking and not so much with balls but more with cars and trucks (or anything hard for that matter). Or, it could be the way he loves to "wrestle" other children (much larger children) till they cry. And of course there is always his two favorite games of baseball and golf which basically translates to using anything stick-like to hit the nearest toy -or child. Dylan has been officially kicked out of kids club, again. After four children were injured and one sent home b/c he was inconsolable, the kids club workers found me on the treadmill and asked me to remove my child from the building. This is so embarrassing but I can't really 100% blame Dylan. All of the above mentioned games his dad taught him in good fun. Dylan loves to play rough with dad and laughs hysterically when he gets balls thrown at his head or gets pushed to the ground. In all fairness I don't think he is tying to be mean, he is just trying to play, most the time. So, if anyone has any suggestions on treadmills (or parenting) let me know!

The picture below is of Dylan ringing the doorbell. He loves to do this but it gets kinda boring for momma to stand there and hold him while he pushes it a thousand times so he figured out a way to push it himself. Jeff and I were in out of the house so the door was ope. Dylan went inside and found his Diego car pushed it out to the front door and maneuvered it so that it would slide around when he stood on the steering wheel. I'll probably get a call from social services for posting this.
And this would be Dylan after applying/eating my eyeliner. I caught him in the act saying "pretty pretty".