Tuesday, February 19, 2008

There is Hope!

This past week has been SO much warmer, almost hitting the 50's a few days. The best news is that there is no visible snow anywhere in our yard and I can finally see those tiny little crocuses poking through, YAAA! Dylan even got to go to the boise zoo last week with his BFF Landon. We were pretty much the only ones there so the two little guys just ran around like crazy, just grateful to be anywhere but inside.

My mom and I planted a ton of these little flowers and I cant wait to see them bloom! My life is so exciting!!

This could be Dylans favorite thing to do, the dishes. He actually put away a couple spatulas the other day, in the right drawer! Even Jeff still has issues with the "right drawer thing."

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Is It Summer Yet?

I think I have cabin fever and I am pretty sure Dylan does too. It has been snowing non-stop here and I am going crazy!! It is too cold to go or do anything but what did I really expect when I agreed to move to Idaho? Jeff assured me Boise was much more temperate than our previous residence in the arctic (aka Rexburg). I am not so convinced. I try to take Dylan somewhere at least once or twice a day like kids club at the gym or a play date but it must not be enough. He has started bringing me his shoes, a coat, or keys and then waving and saying bye-bye. When he finally realizes mama is not taking him anywhere, he gets very angry with me and proceeds with a temper tantrum. There is hope though, under all that snow the crocuses my mom and I planted last fall are starting to poke through! I am so excited. I will post some pics later (when I feel like braving the weather).

Dylan also just had his 18 month check up. He ranked in the 5th perc. for weight - surprise -and about average for everything else (ok ,so he might have a little bit larger head -80th perc - thanks to the Driggs genes). To anyone that has spent any time around this little boy this is a phenomenom! Dylan out eats any child I have ever met. A few nights ago, he ate three, yes three, peices of pizza! This is not an abnormal size meal for him. At any rate the Doctor has given me orders to do anything we can to chunk this little guy up. Operation chub master flex includes extra butter on everything, ranch dressing for a side, sour cream toppings, and heavy cream mixed with anything put in his mouth. It sounds a little unhealthy but its doctors orders so I guess we'll see if it works. I'll keep you updated!

Here are a few pictures of those skinny little legs!

He is so sweet sometimes!

Not all the time though, a few seconds later...... (classic temper tantrum)

He LOVES chocolate milk! Since we are doing anything to put meat on his bones, choclate has been a great way to get him to chug extra whole milk and cream. Anytime the fridge is open, he will grab the chocolate bottle and bring it to me with his sippy cup.Another kitchen utensil used for entertainment purposes (forget about the chest full of toys two feet away). This particular one serves as a microphone most of the time - he is actually singing into it in this picture.He is kind of a strange kid. He loves to eat raw oatmeal and has figured out how to open the container using his teeth. Can you imagine the messes he has made with this new trick?