Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm Back!

My poor, sad, blog. So much for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and even Christmas - the prime blogging holidays! Oh well, better late than never.Just FYI - I'm going to talk a lot so feel free to skip to the pictures.

Here are just a few updates for journal purpose, I know this may be cheesy, but I know my mom will at least love it!

Tyler is the cutest little tiny 1 year old. He is soo little - like the 4th percentile little. I know one day (if I'm lucky) I'll have the huge massive Jaba the Hut baby girl that will put my two little skinny boys to shame. He may be the size of a 7 month old, but he's is so active. He starting walking toward the end of his 10th month and has been trying to run ever since. He's not so great at talking, everything still sounds like gobble gobble, at least that's what Dylan thinks (think Thanksgiving). And even though he can't verbalize his feelings, he will definitely let you know if he's mad at you. I'm not sure where he learned yelling from :).

Tyler somehow manages to keep up with Dylan as well. In fact, they have actually had a few roll on the ground, baby fingers pinching skin and grabbing hair fights, very funny. One of my favorite things about my sweet little baby is how much he loves to "give loves". He will cuddle on my shoulder and make little baby sounds as he wiggles to get as close as possible. Every morning he comes in my bed and literally mauls me to death with slobbery kisses and hugs as he flaps his little body all over my face. If I mention or push him even in the direction of his dad, he get mad at me! Not that he doesn't love his dad, of course he does, but some moments are just mom moments.

Dylan started Joy School last year with all his little primary friends. He absolutely loves it! We are still working on the whole alphabet thing :), but he loves every second of it. We will be starting swim lessons in the next month and I can't wait to see his cute little cheeks squished by over sized goggles. You know what I'm talking about. Baby goggle faces are the best. Of course, anything that has to so with sports, or that his dad likes, he likes. "Next year" he plans to play football, soccer, tennis, and baseball. Everything is "next year." Santa is the best thing that has ever happened to him, and me. Any item that interests him at the store, "maybe Santa will bring that for Christmas." Yep, maybe. That means no more melt downs! Well, less meltdowns.
Age 3 1/2 is much easier than 2-3. Much. We are best friends.

Some of my favorite pictures from the past month:

Tyler turned 1 year old on Dec. 23, while we were visiting Arizona.

Christmas was so much fun with all the little cousins. If you know my family, I bet you can guess which sister made the cute nativity costumes - Tiffany of course. The kids entertained us all with the angel/Tinkerbell busting some seriously inappropriate dance moves during Angels We Have Heard on High and Mary literally using her shawl to dance with the angel, again, inappropriately.

(Dylan wasn't so happy about the situation)

Ty was more interested in climbing on the presents than actually opening the presents

His signature move: