Thursday, November 20, 2008

So, I don't know when I became this craft loving/coupon saving/Joann's shopping stay-at-home mom but these things have slowly taken over my life (much to the surprise of my family). I had the hardest time adjusting to being a full time mom - the transition from a college life where all day everyday was spent with peers in the lab or library working or studying to the life of a homemaker where all day everyday was spent nursing, changing diapers, and more nursing was more than difficult. Am I getting to personal for the blog? Anyway, I am happy to say I have finally learned to embrace my new role and can now realize how lucky I am to be able to stay home and raise my little boy. The craft store obsession and coupon clipping are just ways to add some sort of variety and brain activity to my life. Who knew Mod Podge could be used for so many different things? I love that stuff!
Enough rambling, the point of this post is to tell anyone who cares that a couple of us coupon lovers have started a blog - - so we can help each other stay on top of deals. It has links to all the coupon sites and anyone who wants to contribute should let me or any other contributor know -the more the better for everyone!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Crazy Coupon Lady (and Halloween)

I have officially become that crazy coupon lady who spends a half hour checking out annoying all other costumers and cashiers. Most of you probably already know about the Albertson sale this week and all the crazy coupons that you can print for it but I am so excited that I have to share. Thanks to a few bargain/coupon savvy friends - Katie, Heather, Joanie -I just purchased $638 worth of groceries for $77!! That's crazy! I know!! I can't stop saying that. And I'm sure there are lots of ladies who saved even more. Granted those are Albertson prices but I still got some great deals. Let me just tell you what I got:

48 - ALL liquid detergents (32 loads)
10 - BC Cakes mixes
10 - BC Frosting
18 - BC cookie pouches
8 - Progresso 32 oz chicken/beef Broth
13 - Wish Bone salad Dressings
16 - Green Giant frozen boxed veggies
6 - Green Giant frozen bagged veggies
14 - Pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough rolls
4 - Boxes GM cereal
10 - Dove shampoo and Conditioners

The detergent obviously made up most of the purchase, I had double coupons for ten making them $.17 each, the rest were $.67. The boxed veggies were free, the shampoos were about $.17, the Salad dressing were something like $.30, etc... I realize that this won't have a huge impact on my grocery shopping but I buy all these things and they are all good for at least a year or more. The best was when on one particular checkout (I had doubled coupons) the cashier actually OWED ME .$20, CRAZY!!! Albertsons paid me to take free groceries!

Here is a picture of SOME of the items:

Enough about coupons, here are some Halloween pictures, Dylan sported two different costumes this year. Jeff just couldn't let go of the Yoda costume from last year and since it actually fit him this year he wore it for a while before changing into his favorite costume, the dinosaur. He loved wearing it made dino noises the entire night.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Family Pictures

More family pictures! For all of you who requested belly pics this is about as good as it gets - no nude belly will be shown. Mine's not so cute after baby number one turned my entire midsection into a strech mark. So here we are, me and my seven month prego puffiness and all. Don't be surprised if you see a similar picture on your Christmas card.