Friday, May 2, 2008

More Flower Pictures

OK, everyone is probably tired of seeing flower pictures but, my tulips just finished blooming and I needed to post these for my mom to see her how her hard work paid off. She also purchased the rocker in the picture so I thought this particular picture would be appropriate. Dylan mostly just likes to pick the flowers then tear them to pieces, when I'm not looking of course.

I've been bathing Dylan in the sink for the past week and he loves it! I don't really know why, all his toys are in his bath and there really isn't much room to move around but he asks for it every night now. I think he is probably too old/big for sink baths but Jeff appreciates Dylan's effort to conserve water (which really means saving us a few bucks on utilities). Every dollar counts according to Jeff! So this was a lost dog that Dylan found on one of our walks. It ended up belonging to a neighbor but Dylan loved every second of the few hours we actually had the dog. For those who don't know, Dylan is obsessed with dogs. He squeals with joy anytime we see one (even on TV) and cries for hours after we force him to leave it's company (or the dog food commercial ends and I stop rewinding the DVR to watch it). That being said, this was the best day of his little baby life! You can see the sheer joy in his face (this picture was at least an hour into following it around). Dylan never let the dog get more than a few feet away and just kept saying "doggie!"