Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Time!

I love the holidays! We have put up the Christmas decorations and Dylan has already started to tear them down (those "balls" on the tree are too irresistible). We have even put up are first real - fake tree last week! I use the term "we" lightly - Jeff mostly watched football (the tree scratched his hands when he tried to fluff the branches) and Dylan, well, you can imagine the kind of help a 16 month old provides when colorful ornaments and beads are involved. I do have to give some credit to Jeff for putting up the outdoor lights. He was so excited to finally have our own house to decorate that the most the house lights were up - and individually clipped to ensure uniform distribution - the day after Halloween. They aren't exactly the white lights I requested but Dylan seems to enjoy all the colors so I guess I shouldn't complain - even if our neighbors might :). The Irish's are officially ready for Christmas!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Traci is officially married!! That sounds crazy, I know. It was even weirder watching it happen. The marriage happened last weekend in AZ so most of the Driggs fam was there for Halloween. All the cousins had so much fun and I think most of us adults did to. It would definitely be an understatement to say that my mother got a little carried away with the decorations. All of us sisters and mom too of course (it was her idea), dressed in matching witch costumes and watched as the best decorated house in the neighborhood frightened small children to tears. Don't worry though, the older children got theirs when they reached the candy and mom explained that the head suspended in the glass ball belonged to her sister, whom she had murdered. It was a lot of fun and Dylan had the time of his life playing with all his cousins. I'll post wedding pics as soon as I get them.

This was a costume preveiw in Idaho. Yoda left his light Saber in Boise.

Addi and Ella dressed up in matching witch costumes too - so cute!!

You can already see candy drool on his costume if you look close enough - compliments of Nana.

This is Dylan at the Phoenix Zoo with all his cousins. He is petting the stingrays in this pic.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

So I'm not so great at this blog thing. I guess I'm as on top of blogging as I am with returning phone calls and remembering birthdays :). We just celebrated Dylan's 1st birthday! I can't believe it! Dylan and a few of his friends got together at the neighborhood water park, ate some cupcakes, and opened some presents. As you can see by the 1st picture Dylan wasn't a big fan of the baseball cake I spent forever making! After lighting a candle in it and spooking him with the birthday song he did not even want to be close to the cake. Don't worry though, he helped himself to a cupcake (and a few more cupcakes left unattended be his unsuspecting guests :)).

Our little family also just returned from a much need vacation to the Caribbean. We cruised with most of the Driggs gang minus a pregnant sister and a brother in law school. Most of us (Jeff not included) came back with tans and a few extra pounds (o.k., Jeff might be included in the extra pounds part - just kidding honey!). I promptly lost those few extra pounds and a couple more once I got back to Idaho and that bite of hamburger I ate off the ship in Grand Cayman didn't exactly digest as planned. A couple days of vomiting got me right back to shape.

Jeff and I are getting ready to tour the Jamaican jungle via zip line in the pic below. Trisha and I enjoyed it more that Jeff who felt that there was a much more hiking and walking than the tour description illistrated ;).

Below are just some misc pictures of Dylan.
He pretty much thinks he is the coolest with his ipod chillin in his Go Diego ride.
Just helping dad put the yard in!
Dylan's Favorite (girl) cousins, I just had to put these baby girls in my blog somehow.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Hey fam and friends here are some more pics of you know who. Things are well here in Idaho, and they will be even better in about two weeks when we move into our home! Hallelujah!

this pic is for you Stu-dog! jeff thinks he is as cool as you pops.

I think he might love his dada!!

Yes you are seeing clearly, my child is wearing sweats with a hoodie in june. I live in Idaho remember?

Dylan's first hair cut! His hair really wasn't to long but he was definitely reaching mullet status.

This is at the neighborhood water park. There are usually a ton of kids running around this cement pad with water spouts spraying in all sorts of ways. Dylan thinks he is one of the big kids. I love these pics b/c you can totally see his curly hair, even his little mohawk curls - especially when it is wet.

Dylan loves to give kisses, we are still working on the whole closed mouth- no tongue thing :)!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Irish Family!

Hi everyone! to the request of my family I have started a blog so now everyone can see pics of baby Dylan. I might have gone a little overboard with all the pictures but I can't help myself, he is so cute. I hope you enjoy!


This is about 6 months. He is a pretty happy baby as you guys will see by the rest of the pics. He is kind of a show-off!

Yes, that is a notredame hat, you will see this will be a reoccuring theme thanks to dad.

This is dylan in action before he could crawl and rolled everywhere.

My first experience with jello!

This is about 7 1/2 months I am so handsome!

At the zoo with aunt Tiffany and my cousins in Utah. Ella let me use her pretty pink stroller!

Daddy is helping me walk.

I am soo big!!

I might be a little bad sometimes : )

My first ride! Pretty sweet huh?My first pool!How sweet is this?