Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Time!

I love the holidays! We have put up the Christmas decorations and Dylan has already started to tear them down (those "balls" on the tree are too irresistible). We have even put up are first real - fake tree last week! I use the term "we" lightly - Jeff mostly watched football (the tree scratched his hands when he tried to fluff the branches) and Dylan, well, you can imagine the kind of help a 16 month old provides when colorful ornaments and beads are involved. I do have to give some credit to Jeff for putting up the outdoor lights. He was so excited to finally have our own house to decorate that the most the house lights were up - and individually clipped to ensure uniform distribution - the day after Halloween. They aren't exactly the white lights I requested but Dylan seems to enjoy all the colors so I guess I shouldn't complain - even if our neighbors might :). The Irish's are officially ready for Christmas!