Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Weekend Away

Last week we had a much needed mini vacation in McCall. A friend invited our family to stay in their GORGEOUS cabin through the weekend. It was soo nice! Perfect.

Dylan got car sick on the way up so we made a quick stop and walked around, and threw some rocks in the river.

This would be Dylan's first time on a boat/driving a boat. (I know it has to disappoint my boat-loving family that Dylan is almost three and has never done this!) I'm pretty sure my siblings were all skiing by this age :).The cabin was right on a beautiful golf course, which Jeff took advantage of the first evening. I took this from their cabin's balcony - (that's Dylan in the cart w/ Jeff).

(Feeding some fish)
Life has been pretty laid back. My two baby boys love each other and have started interacting so much more. Dylan literally tackles baby Ty and baby LOVES it! He'll smile and laugh at Dylan all day. He's also starting to "talk" a little more (Dadadada) and is even getting up on his knees. He's thinking about crawling anyway.

This shot was taken though the screen door (smart - I know) so its hard to see what's going on. One of Dylan's new favorite things - going to the bathroom - outside. That's right his pants are down and the underwear on its way. My sweet neighbor lady caught him doing this in my FRONT yard last week. Great.

I just have to share some of my obsession with you guys. I know most of you don't really care about this stuff but I feel like I need tell every person I know!! I just get so excited. All of this for less than 5 buck. Seriously, there 15 boxes of hefty zip locks in that mix and 14 boxes of butter.