Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Traci is officially married!! That sounds crazy, I know. It was even weirder watching it happen. The marriage happened last weekend in AZ so most of the Driggs fam was there for Halloween. All the cousins had so much fun and I think most of us adults did to. It would definitely be an understatement to say that my mother got a little carried away with the decorations. All of us sisters and mom too of course (it was her idea), dressed in matching witch costumes and watched as the best decorated house in the neighborhood frightened small children to tears. Don't worry though, the older children got theirs when they reached the candy and mom explained that the head suspended in the glass ball belonged to her sister, whom she had murdered. It was a lot of fun and Dylan had the time of his life playing with all his cousins. I'll post wedding pics as soon as I get them.

This was a costume preveiw in Idaho. Yoda left his light Saber in Boise.

Addi and Ella dressed up in matching witch costumes too - so cute!!

You can already see candy drool on his costume if you look close enough - compliments of Nana.

This is Dylan at the Phoenix Zoo with all his cousins. He is petting the stingrays in this pic.