Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dylan's Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons are one of those times during my week, when I am so in love with my little Dylan (I always love him - but you know what I mean!). He is the cutest little google wearing boy ever! He seriously is a fish and can't get enough of the pool! If the teacher isn't talking directly to him, he pretty much hangs out on the step and snorkels the entire lesson. Occasionally, his snorkeling will be interrupted by short burst of leg and arm flailing, which he considers his "big arms". Oh, and I almost forgot, his "dolphin" moves/spasms are pretty funny as well. They mostly consists of him sticking his buns in the air while bring his knees to his chest then straightening them as fast as possible in a repeated motion. None of the above listed moves get him anywhere! He's not exactly water proof at this point, even though he thinks he is :).

I'll let you watch some of his moves:

Warning: You may get dizzy watching these videos - they get a little better as they go along, but I'm not so great with the camera. I would have also cropped the videos to the important parts, but I don' t know how, so you get the full clips! And fell free to laugh at how dumb I sound in the background! It's one of those things when the camera is rolling, you automatically start talking weird and sound really dumb.