Friday, February 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Oh how I have missed my bed. My poor sweet baby Tyler has spent the last four days in hospital being pocked, prodded, and suctioned (seriously suctioned - have you ever seen a deep suctioner?). Needless to say there was zero sleep happening. Apparently the nurses, respiratory therapist, resident interns, doctors all have different schedules and can't coordinate night-time/early morning check-ins. Really though, is it really necessary for all of them to undress him, take his temperature, listen to his chest and the worst - check his blood pressure? The plastic couch-bed and the "free" hospital food didn't help. Enough complaining though, it's all over with now and I am so glad to be home with my healthy baby. I can only be grateful, so many little babies and kids have to stay so much longer, or worse, never get to leave. Anyway, I love both my boys and am so happy to have two normal, healthy kids. I guess a few days on the Pediatric floor helped to put things in perspective.

He was a pretty content and even happy baby post nasal suctioning. Notice the baby-sized hospital gown. So cute.

The "head massage." Baby gets one of these multiple times a day.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I love my two little boys! The coupon blog has taken over my life and I've neglected our family blog - sorry family. Here are a few pictures of Dylan and "brother."

So excited for church!
I know for people who have average+ size babies these thighs probably don't look chubby but compared to Dylan Tyler is a chunk! I have never had little squishy thighs with creases to love on! They are so cute to me!This is actually the start of a big smile - I took the picture too early.