Monday, October 12, 2009

A Sad Day

Dylan walked into my bathroom while I was getting ready, "Mom, I need to cut my hair." I was busy doing my own hair, "No, your hair is cute, you don't need a hair cut."

"No, mom, I ALREADY cut my hair!" My heart dropped. I turned around to see that Dylan was right, he had already cut his hair. It was bad.

I found this by my fabric scissors:

Nana did the best she could, but now my little boy looks like this:

He bawled and held his face the whole time Nana cut his hair - he was devastated!! "My hair!, it's too little!"
You can probably see it still needs to be touched up - Nana couldn't hardly stand to cut any of it while he was crying. He keeps telling me not to say it's cute - "It's too little, it's not cute."

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A MUCH Needed Update

I've done it again. I've gone months without a posting and now I'm overwhelmed with where to start. No need for any more delay, I'll get started with the family trip to Bryce Canyon. This was SO much fun! Jeff was a little sceptical of spending a vacation in the middle of the summer camping outdoors in southern Utah, but he was not disappointed. The weather was great and Bryce Canyon is an amazing place to visit. (plus Winnebago camping is more fun than tent camping :))

After Bryce I headed down to AZ with the boys so spend a little time with the fam. We had lots of fun swimming, going to the Dinosaur museum, the cabin and having a birthday party for Dylan. Everyday was party with cousins, aunts, uncles, and of course Nana and Papa to play with.
This is actually my great grandfather's (O.S. Stapley) carriage displayed in the museum!

The birthday that kept on giving - after we got back from AZ Dylan's second celebration:

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Weekend Away

Last week we had a much needed mini vacation in McCall. A friend invited our family to stay in their GORGEOUS cabin through the weekend. It was soo nice! Perfect.

Dylan got car sick on the way up so we made a quick stop and walked around, and threw some rocks in the river.

This would be Dylan's first time on a boat/driving a boat. (I know it has to disappoint my boat-loving family that Dylan is almost three and has never done this!) I'm pretty sure my siblings were all skiing by this age :).The cabin was right on a beautiful golf course, which Jeff took advantage of the first evening. I took this from their cabin's balcony - (that's Dylan in the cart w/ Jeff).

(Feeding some fish)
Life has been pretty laid back. My two baby boys love each other and have started interacting so much more. Dylan literally tackles baby Ty and baby LOVES it! He'll smile and laugh at Dylan all day. He's also starting to "talk" a little more (Dadadada) and is even getting up on his knees. He's thinking about crawling anyway.

This shot was taken though the screen door (smart - I know) so its hard to see what's going on. One of Dylan's new favorite things - going to the bathroom - outside. That's right his pants are down and the underwear on its way. My sweet neighbor lady caught him doing this in my FRONT yard last week. Great.

I just have to share some of my obsession with you guys. I know most of you don't really care about this stuff but I feel like I need tell every person I know!! I just get so excited. All of this for less than 5 buck. Seriously, there 15 boxes of hefty zip locks in that mix and 14 boxes of butter.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I have some serious catch-up to do. Sorry family! My personal blog has been neglected these past few months. Bear with me, this could get a little long - and random.
Lets start with Easter, I know, that was forever ago.

This is THE happiest baby you will ever meet! I love him to pieces!
Kassidee, Dylan's cousin Cam and Dylan, BFF's!
Scoping out the eggs
Uncle Ryan (a marine) "Ronnie" at the fair
This one is for you mom! My beautiful Tulips, planted by my mother and I two falls ago.

Before you call CPS, Let me explain. My poor sweet baby and I tripped (I was holding him outward chasing aer Dylan) and fell, hard, on the concrete a month ago. I seriously thought I had brain-damaged, if not killed, my baby! It was the scariest, most terrifying moment of my life. One CAT scan, a pediatric neurosurgeon, and a hospital overnight-er later, we were all home and healthy. Well, except for this nice shiner my four month old sported for another week.

Two days later, his eye finally opened!

I look gaywad, I know. I had to document this though. I ran with my mother-in-law and her cancer survivor friends in the Race For The Cure 5K a few weekends ago. It was so much fun! I loved running and felt such an overwhelming sense of gratitude for my health and that of my families. There were so many supporters and survivors and I am proud to have participated!
Dylan got his first "real" bike! He has already got the hang of it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Say Cheese!

Dylan and Tyler got their pictures taken last week, thanks to my mother-in-law, Jil, who actually made the appointment. I kept procrastinating and Ty's already 3 months old, it was definitely time! All week I prepared Dylan and made him practice smiling and saying "cheese." He actually said cheese to me the other day when I told him to "look" at something. Funny. Anyway, they turned out cute.