Tuesday, June 19, 2012

3 Kids Later

Man, I love my kids. Most of the time anyway. These three babies keep me so busy. What did I ever do with my time when I had just one? Some of my favorite moments/pictures over the past 6 months:

Taya's Blessing. It remains true that you never look as good as you think you look at your baby's blessing. Taya looked so pretty in that dress though!!

Christmas. And I obviously need a new spot to take family pictures.

Yellowstone memorial weekend. It was a fun trip, lots of happy moments... lots of tears.

Tyler's HUGE worm. I found it on the kitchen floor still wiggling around. He told me Dylan brought it in (Dylan was at school). Gross me out.

This is how she sleeps - every night. So stinkin' cute. It's like she's practicing for sports illustrated. Is that inappropriate?
Taya's moment of glory. Taya is a bit (or ALOT) slower than our first two babies when it comes to physical progression. Still working on the whole sitting thing at 6 months. She's a princess! This signature Papa "stand on hands" moment was shocking to say the least. She usually refuses to put any pressure on her legs, or any use any body muscle for that matter.
Dylan has tried out just about every sport over the past 6-9 months. Swimming, basketball, soccer, even flag football but his best has got to be baseball. He's not a super aggressive or competitive kid so up to this point sport have been more social than anything. He'll chat it up with kid that's stopped at his base or laugh and smile with the boy he's guarding during a basketball game. Baseball though, that's his sport. He can throw and catch and he's got a pretty good swing for a 5 year old:

Tyler, he has absolutely NO fear. The kid is crazy. Jeff took him to the sand dunes for a Father and Sons camp out. That's him in the red shirt in the video. Notice the adults in the background jump up to come save him. Nope, it's cool. He doesn't even care he just completely wiped out! He's crazy. Check out the video of him at my sister's pool. He doesn't care that he can't swim!

Yep, my kids were wearing goggles and yes, that is sand in his nose and mouth. He looks so crazy an not so caucasian in this picture.

And just because a baby wearing goggles is funny.

Monday, December 12, 2011

It's all coming back to me...

Yes, it's all coming to back to me now. The horrors of sleepless nights and "please hold me all day or I'll cry really loud for a really long time" days stacked with two boys with croupy coughs, a head cold for me and a completely wrecked and mis-shapen body. Why do I keep doing this to myself? That's a really great question and I wonder that myself multiple times a day. Maybe I can't resist how sweet they look when they sleep:

Yep, I'm pretty sure I'll do this to myself again. Not anytime soon, but I don't think it gets much sweeter than this!

HUGE shout-out to Johanna for taking these amazing newborn pictures!! She was SO patient (Taya wasn't so sleepy and did not like to be touched when she did finally fall asleep if you can believe it) and did an amazing job. If you need a photographer - check her out at http://pbjphotographe.blogspot.com.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baby Sister!

She's finally here and she's still a girl! I can't believe I have a girl, so crazy. Taya Lynn was 7lb 2oz, 20 1/4 inches and a healthy pink screaming baby. Everything went as planned with c-section and she's been a fairly sleepy baby to this point. The sucking reflex is a little stronger than I remember :), but so far so good. I'll let you know how we're doing after I run out of Percocet.

  (1st Game Day)

 If you have a weak stomach, you might want to stop looking here! I love these c-section pictures :).

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Flag Football Champions!

Well, champions may be exaggerating a little, but the Dolphins did kick flag football last Saturday! Dylan, and by Dylan I really mean Jeff, has literally been waiting his entire life for this moment. Dad coaching and son playing in the first flag football game of the season. It was pretty cute watching 5 and 6 year olds huddled in football stance watching everything but the ball and constantly messing with/gagging on their huge mouth guards. Dylan did awesome, and I'm only partly saying that because I'm his mom. He ripped two flags and had a good block at one point. Not bad for being one of the little guys!

That's Dylan's buddy Cam. They both play defense a little better than offense, Dylan outside linebacker.

Going in for the kill...

And there it is! His first red flag pulled this season! See that little smirk?

Some diving action...

Another play stopped...

The hand off... didn't go as planned but we'll just leave it at this

Check out that face. That's some serious focus :).

Friday, July 22, 2011


I love this picture. Yup, that's Tyler's foot on Dylan's face (both out cold in my bed). This picture is totally representative of their personalities. Dylan is usually so sweet and concerned with others feelings, and well, Tyler - he is a little different :). I'll sneak into their room late at night and find Tyler has crawled in bed with Dylan and has all but kicked him out of his own bed. They love do each other.